As a feibra deliverer you will be delivering unaddressed and/or addressed mailings to private households and company addresses. Unaddressed items are mainly flyers, brochures and free newspapers, but also special forms of advertising such as door hangers and sticky notes. The addressed items are letters, advertising mailshots, and newspapers and magazines

No, they are delivered to house letterboxes or in individual cases placed on front doors. There is no face-to-face customer contact involved.

The mailings are collected in the branch from which you are delivering them. Here is a list of our main locations:

Branch in 1190 Vienna, Heiligenstädter Straße 50-52

Branch in 1220 Vienna, Hosnedlgasse 16

Branch in 1230 Vienna, Gorskistrasse 11

Branch in 1230 Vienna, Grawatschgasse 1

Branch in 2433 Margarethen am Moos, Bäckerstrasse 3a

Branch in 2201 Hagenbrunn, Logistikstrasse 7/Bauteil C

Branch in 3100 St. Pölten, Linzerstraße 94

Branch in 4020 Linz, Estermannstrasse 10

Branch in 5020 Salzburg, Rottweg 66

Branch in 6060 Hall in Tirol, Obere Lend 24

Branch in 7201 Neudörfl, Bickfordstraße 19a

Branch in 8054 Graz, Gradnerstraße 120-124

The mailings can be collected in the branch during the day. If you have no way of collecting them, we can agree on alternatives.

You will find out your precise delivery areas in the individual branches.

Depending on the order, the mailings have to be delivered the same day or the following day.

Your activity as a deliverer will be on the basis of a contract for services and thus on a self-employed basis. Whether you are required to pay social security and/or tax will depend on your personal circumstances. You can find out more from your responsible tax office or from your social security provider.

You do not have to do the delivery work personally. You can normally bring in representatives, subcontractors or assistants at your own expense to fulfil your contract.

The specific time needed depends initially on how much time you are able or willing to invest. In addition, it depends on the number of mailings, the delivery area and how efficiently you work.

The specific amount of the delivery fee depends on the size and type of the delivery area and the number and weight of the mailings delivered.

But from experience we can say that trained deliverers achieve hourly earnings of around 12 euros.

You can find out more in a face-to-face conversation on the spot.

First come – first served! We always try to accommodate our delivery partners’ preferences, but we cannot guarantee that the area will still be free at the time you would like. The number of mailings depends on the area, but areas can be subdivided.

Having your own car is an advantage, but not essential. You can also form car pools, or by agreement we can bring your deliveries directly to your delivery area.

The additional earnings thresholds differ for students, retirees, people who are unemployed, etc. The best thing is to find out directly from your responsible tax office or social security provider.

All the working resources that are considered necessary for you to fulfil your contract (e.g. delivery trolleys or bags) must be provided by you as a delivery partner. To make it easier for you to start, we can advise you or hire out working resources to you directly.

All the expenses for the use of your working resources are already remunerated by means of your fee. For areas requiring higher expenses, we pay a correspondingly higher fee.

Yes, as a self-employed person you can also accept other orders.

Once you have submitted your invoice, the amount will be transferred weekly or monthly to your back account.