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Privacy policy of feibra GmbH

As at: June 2021

1. Who is responsible for handling your data?

1.1 feibra GmbH, Altmannsdorferstrasse 329, 1230 Vienna (“feibra”, “we”, “us”) is responsible for sufficiently protecting your personal data. Therefore, feibra complies with all legal provisions regarding the protection, lawful handling and confidentiality of personal data, as well as data security.

1.2 We process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of data protection law, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act (DPA), the special provisions of the Postal Market Act and all other applicable laws.

1.3 In this privacy policy, we inform you why and in what form we process your data when you visit our website and you are a supplier or business partner of feibra.

2. What interest does feibra have in your data and for what reason and for what purpose may feibra process it?

2.1 Contract fulfilment and implementation of pre-contractual measures: We use your personal data in accordance with Art 6 para 1 lit b GDPR

– for communication and information technology services in automatic data processing and information technology, e.g. when using our homepage or data processing in our branches and distribution centres for the delivery of letters and parcels

– for the administration of master data and contract data

– for contract and order processing

– for checking and managing external service providers (including delivery partners)

Within the scope of the aforementioned purposes, we process your personal master data, address data, contact data (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number), payment data, document content data, identification data (e.g: ID data, company register number, KSV number, UID number)

The conclusion and fulfilment of the respective contract is only possible if we can process your personal data. If you do not provide us with the necessary data, no contract can be concluded.

2.2 Your data may also be processed in the interest of feibra or third parties. This data processing is carried out in accordance with Art 6 para 1 lit f GDPR

– for the provision of postal services, including investigation and settlement of claims and verification of deliverability (letter and postal dispatch or delivery). For this purpose, we process the personal data that we receive from the sender.

– for the preparation of statistics for the development of new tariffs, offer and application processing, contract administration and service provision, event management

– for customer care incl. enquiry/complaint management

– for supplier management

– for invoicing and accounting purposes

– to ensure the protection of property and responsibility through video surveillance

– for compliance purposes This is understood to mean conformity with legal and other requirements such as VAT and social security deductions, record-keeping/reporting obligations, audits, conformity with government/agency reviews, response to legal processes, pursuit of legal rights/remedies, litigation defence, management of internal complaints/claims, investigations and compliant behaviour with policies/procedures.

– to plan, conduct and document internal audit activities and forensic analysis to ensure continuous improvement of our business processes and compliance with regulatory obligations

– to handle claims and insurance cases

– to ensure IT security and IT operations, conduct stress tests, develop new and adapt existing products and systems, migrate data to ensure the viability and integrity of the systems and thus, in a broader sense, the processed data. In this context, personal data is mainly used for tests if this cannot be done with reasonable economic effort on the basis of anonymous data. Data security in accordance with Art 32 GDPR is of course guaranteed throughout.

In addition to the aforementioned personal data, we process your personal master data, address data (e.g. when providing postal services), contact data (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number), payment data, consignment data, document content data, identification data, complaint content/inquiries in the context of an inquiry/complaint, image and sound data (e.g. video, image or telephone recordings).

2.3 Compliance with legal obligations: feibra also has legal obligations, e.g. regulatory requirements, documentation obligations and tax or company law requirements. In order for us to be able to fulfil these, we process your personal data in accordance with Art 6 para 1 lit c GDPR exclusively to the extent required by the respective law.

2.4 Consent: We will obtain your consent pursuant to Art 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR, provided that none of the grounds for justification set out in points 2.1 to 2.3 above apply. In doing so, we will of course fully comply with any additional regulations (including the Telecommunications Act). feibra requires your voluntary consent, which can be revoked at any time with effect for the future, especially for tracking user behaviour on feibra’s websites and apps if you use them. Further information on cookies can be found below under point 9 (Legal notice and cookie information for websites).

2.5 Before feibra processes your data for purposes other than those set out in this document, we will provide you with additional information separately.

3. To whom may your data be disclosed?

3.1 Data transfer within the group of companies: We may pass on individual data processing operations to specialised divisions or companies within our group of companies. This is done so that feibra can better process your customer data, e.g. for internal administrative purposes.

3.2 Courts and authorities: There are also legal obligations that feibra can only fulfil if it transfers your personal data to authorities (such as social security institutions, tax authorities or law enforcement agencies, supervisory authorities, customs authorities, health authorities) or courts to the extent necessary.

3.3 Other recipients: Within the framework of the contractual relationship and in particular in connection with our service obligation, your personal data may – depending on the individual case – be transferred to other recipients (such as other postal service providers, carriers, doctors, hospitals, experts, consultants, lawyers, interest groups, banks and investment companies, insurance companies, auditors).

4. May your data also be transferred to another country (also outside the EU)?

4.1 Yes, if this third country has been confirmed by the European Commission to have an adequate level of data protection or if other suitable data protection guarantees are in place (e.g. binding internal company data protection regulations or EU standard data protection clauses including a documented case-by-case assessment of the adequacy of the level of protection). No data is transferred to third countries within the scope of our delivery services.

4.2 In special cases, the transfer to a third country may also take place with your explicit consent, provided that we have informed you about the possible risks of the intended transfer and the lack of appropriate data protection guarantees (point 4.1).

4.3. The use of website tools and social media channels results in the transfer of data to non-EU countries. Further information can be found in our Cookie Consent Management Tool. (see 9.3.)

5. How long will your data be saved?

5.1 As soon as feibra no longer needs personal data for the purposes outlined above, it deletes it, provided that no further statutory retention periods apply.

5.2 The statutory limitation period according to the General Civil Code is between three and thirty years. During this period, claims can be asserted against feibra. As long as it is necessary, depending on the possible claim, we may retain your personal data required for this purpose.

5.3 Due to company law requirements (e.g. Federal Tax Code, Company Code), your contract data must be stored for at least seven years after the end of the contract.

6. What rights do you have?

6.1 If you wish, we will provide you with information about all your personal data that we process at any time. In addition, in some cases you also have a right to data portability and thus the surrender of your personal data disclosed to us in a structured, common and machine-readable format.

6.2 Under certain conditions, you may request the restriction of processing as well as the correction and deletion of your personal data or object to the processing.

6.3 In some of the cases mentioned above, feibra is entitled to process your personal data through your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time without giving reasons with effect for the future; until then we process it lawfully.

6.4 Do you have further questions, suggestions or criticism? If so, you can contact the data protection officer mentioned under point 8. In addition, you have the option of lodging a complaint with the Austrian data protection authority: Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde, Barichgasse 40-42, 1030 Vienna, Austria.

7. Your right to object

As a data subject, you can object to the use of your data at any time if the processing serves direct marketing purposes.

You also have the right to object at any time if there are grounds for doing so based on your particular situation.

If you wish to object, you can do so informally by sending an email to or by writing to feibra Datenschutzservice, Altmannsdorferstrasse 329, 1230 Vienna, Austria.

8. Contact details

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding data protection, you can contact our data protection officer at the e-mail address or by post to feibra GmbH, Data Protection Officer, Altmannsdorferstrasse 329, 1230 Vienna, Austria.

9. Legal notice and cookie information for websites

9.1. Use of cookies

Cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”) are used on our websites. They serve to make our website more user-friendly and effective.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or smartphone and saved by your browser. They usually contain information about which web pages/passages on a website a user has visited and enable, for example, the storage of user settings so that a user is recognised and does not have to log in again or the targeted display of information to the user as well as the analysis of access to our websites.

Partners, so-called cookie providers, can also place cookies on our websites; this either serves to improve our own products and services, as if we had set the cookies ourselves. For example, to understand how our websites are used, we work with analytics partners, including Google (see more information in section 9.3.2.). Cookie providers and advertising partners may also use the cookies for their own purposes, for example, to display (their own or third-party) advertising on our websites and to measure its effectiveness; in this case, feibra cannot influence the purpose and means of the data processing carried out via the cookies, but conversely does not benefit from the data processing itself. Cookies from these third-party providers may fall into any of the cookie categories mentioned in point 9.3.1.

We inform you about the use, scope and type of cookies by means of cookie banners under Edit cookie settings.

9.1.1 Setting and managing cookies, legal basis

Apart from technically necessary cookies (absolutely necessary cookies), which may also be set on our websites without your consent, in particular in accordance with § 96 TKG and due to our legitimate interest (provision of a functioning online service) in accordance with Art 6 para 1 f GDPR, you can actively consent to or reject the use of performance cookies and cookies for marketing purposes before they are set.

For this purpose, we have set up a Cookie-Consent Management Tool, which explains the cookies we use in more detail (in particular name, purpose, lifespan, provider) when you access the respective website for the first time via a cookie banner. Here, you can give your general consent to the use of cookies before they are set or make your choice in more detail, depending on the cookie category or even within this cookie category again for each cookie/the respective cookie provider. Once you have given your consent and made your selection, you can revoke or change it at any time directly in the Cookie Content Management Tool via “Edit cookie settings“. If further cookies or cookie providers are added after you have given your consent, a cookie banner will be displayed again and you can also make your active selection. In the cookie content management tool, each cookie provider is listed individually, from which you can obtain further information, in particular how their cookies can also be deactivated.

In addition, you can also define in your browser settings whether cookies may be set or not. Furthermore, your end device may allow you to control cookies via its settings; you can find out how this works in detail in the instructions provided by your device manufacturer.

If the storage of any cookies that can be consented to is refused, this may lead to functional restrictions on the website(s) (see the respective purposes of our cookies in our cookie content management tool via “Edit cookie settings“).

Further explanation of the advertising functions of Google Inc.

Once we understand what makes you tick and what you are interested in, we can show you relevant and helpful information. Google Display & Video and Google Ads, which are also played on YouTube, for example, are used to place and manage various advertisements.

We use Google Ads to draw attention to our attractive offers on external websites with the help of advertising media (so-called Google Ads). We can determine how successful the individual advertising measures are in relation to the data of the advertising campaigns. In this way, we pursue the interest of showing you advertising that is of interest to you, making our website more interesting for you and achieving a fair calculation of advertising costs.

These advertisements are delivered by Google via so-called “Ad Servers”. For this purpose, we use ad server cookies, which can be used to measure certain parameters for measuring success, such as the display of ads or clicks by the user. If you access our website via a Google ad, Google Ads will store a cookie on your terminal device. These cookies usually lose their validity after 30 days and are not intended to identify you personally, although it is possible to identify individual users by recognising the browser.

If you are registered with a Google service, Google can assign the visit to your account. Even if you are not registered or logged in, there is a possibility that the provider will find out and save your IP address.

Once you have given your consent and selection, you can revoke or change it at any time under “Cookie settings” directly in the cookie administration platform.

In addition to the standard Google Analytics functions, we also use Google Analytics advertising functions on this website, namely the remarketing function (interest-based advertising) and Google Analytics reports on performance by demographic characteristics and interests. The latter allows us to make statistical analyses of users’ demographic data and areas of interest. The remarketing function is used to target users of our websites on other websites and to win them back as potential customers.

You can prevent the compilation and sending of data generated by the cookie, its use of website-related data (incl. IP address) to Google and the processing of data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin which is available via the following link (

Further explanation of Google Remarketing

In addition to Google Adwords, we use the Google Remarketing application. This is a procedure with which we would like to address you again. This application enables us to display our advertisements to you when you continue to use the internet after visiting our website. This is done by means of cookies stored in your browser, which Google uses to record and evaluate your usage behaviour when you visit various websites. In this way, Google can determine your previous visit to our website. According to its own statements, Google does not combine the data collected in the course of remarketing with your personal data, which may be stored by Google. In particular, according to Google, pseudonymisation is used in marketing. For more information about Google’s privacy policy, please visit:

Once you have given your consent and made a selection, you can revoke or change it at any time under “Cookie settings” directly in the cookie administration platform.

Further explanations on Plausible

Our website uses the open source web analytics service of Plausible, based in Estonia. The web analysis is based on anonymised data. It is not possible to draw conclusions about individuals. The following web statistical analyses are carried out: URL, HTTP referrer, browser, operating system, end device, country.


For questions and suggestions regarding data protection, please send an e-mail to: